transform medical device

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Assignment 3: 40% Assignment Type: Individual Written Report Assignment Description:
Additive manufacturing has the potential to transform medical device manufacture enabling patient specific devices to become more widespread. In this assignment, you will use modelling and simulation to support the design of a patient specific orthopaedic trauma device.ScenarioYou have been approached by an orthopaedic surgeon who believes that their patient could benefit from a custom implant. Your task is to design and evaluate an implant for the patient described as follows.• A 45 year old male (80kg), otherwise fit and healthy, presented with a closed fracture in the tibia. You decide on the exact location/appearance of the fracture.• The patient is self-employed and needs to return to work as soon as possible. His work requires him to be somewhat active and able to move about freely.Submit a report using the suggested structure (on the next page) outlining your recommendations and detailing all analyses performed to arrive at your conclusion. Resources Provided • Generic CT data of a human tibia•■a.) u•c. „7,,=.K)

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