treatment of collaborative consumption markets

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Students are asked to:(1) First, consider (A) Botsman & Rogers’ (2010) treatment of collaborative consumption markets (product service systems, redistribution markets, collaborate lifestyles) and (B) Alibaba CEO Jack Ma’s (2014) philosophy on consumer-to-business (C2B) ventures. Given these innovations, you are tasked with creation of a new brand, service, or model for business based on services, sharing, or leasing from one group of consumer-providers to another group of consumer-end-users.(A) Following Botsman & Rogers (2010) theory on how to transfer from ownership of things to access to things (think iTunes), how might you create a product service system, a redistribution market, or a collaborative lifestyle brand? What would your brand provide, what would you be known for?(B) Following Jack Ma’s philosophy (2014), develop a new consumer-to-business (C2B) venture by inverting the traditional business format in a reverse auction model, a demand collection model, or a platform that facilitates consumer collaborative consumption. Examples of successful recent C2B ventures include uber, etsy, and trademe and have been based on a successful new platform technology sharing consumer services, an app, a blog or series of blogs, or review writing.•    The goal of your business model is to take advantage of consumer-provided services, formalize and organize the efforts and share profits with consumers performing activities or services. In this task, you are identifying a market from a need that is being fulfilled in interpersonal, disorganized ways.•    Your task is to uncover the service or ideas interchange, build a business that works with consumers as both suppliers of labour, service, or product and as end-users and provides value both to traditional consumers as end-users and consumer partners.(2) Describe the new model in a report with the following sections:1.    A title page listing your project title, name, student ID2.    What is the idea?3.    Who is the target segment for service or product providers? Describe the segment you have identified with marketing research, as well as via a consumer profile. What specific benefit or marketing messaging will attract this segment of service providers to your service?4.    Who is the target segment for ultimate end-consumer

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