type of visual dashboard charts

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For this assignment, you will use the Excel file provided below to create a dashboard. You may choose the type of visual dashboard charts you wish to select within Microsoft Excel. However, the dashboard should convey to the audience insight regarding how the company is performing on certain KPIs (Key Performance Indexes). At a minimum, the dashboards should reveal the following: • Sales by region over the past three years • Most profitable product category • Where the company is losing money • Resource: https://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-1236 • Sample – Superstore Sales (Excel).xls • Sample data that appears in the December Tableau User Group presentation. Note: Geographic locations have been altered to include Canadian locations (provinces/regions). • • • Updated Superstore Excel file to the version shipping with 10.4 – 11/28/2017 • Sample – Superstore.xls (3.2 MB) View Download

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