ULO1: Articulate a thorough understanding

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The purpose of this assignment is to:
• ULO1: Articulate a thorough understanding of the basic principles and practices of measurement and estimating.
• ULO2: Demonstrate the use of the Australian Standard Method of Measurement (ASMM) as a tool for completing measurement and estimating work.
• ULO3: Measure quantities and estimate unit rates to prepare tenders for common types of low and medium-rise construction.
This task requires you to take-off quantities for groundwork (up to the DPC level) of the proposed house from the attached drawings numbered SRQ774/AT1/01 and SRQ774/AT1/02 and specification notes, in accordance with the Australian Standard Method of Measurement (ASMM) 6th edition or. Australian & New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement (ANZSMM) 2018 edition. As part of your take-off, you are required to:
• Set down descriptions with their related dimensions on take-off paper;
• Carry out squaring/extending of dimensions;
• Ensure you employ all standard techniques and follow all conventions for setting out construction measurement information in preparing the take-off;
• Ensure you show all waste calculations, annotate the take-off with side notes and mark-up the drawing to show that you have measured all items required;
• Make sensible assumptions in relation to the measurements where any information is missing, specification is inadequate or exact nature of construction is not clear. Any assumptions made shall be entered on to a Query sheet;
Marks will be awarded for accuracy of dimensions, descriptions, neatness, logical approach and extent of assumptions and queries.
Specification Notes
– Topsoil: To be excavated average 150mm deep from the existing ground level.
– Topsoil and Trench excavation: Surplus excavated material to be removed from the site, 10km away from the excavation.
– Trench Backfilling: Backfilling with imported materials.
– DPC & DPM: Lap size is 150mm.

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