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• Find out what topics or issues your family and/or friends find interesting. • Choose a topic from the list provided by your professor. • Brainstorm by writing down anything that comes to mind as you think about a topic.For this class, I have provided you with a list of general topics. You are not required to choose from this list. However, whether you choose a topic from the list provided, or you select one on your own, you are required to let me know the subject matter of your paper. This step is particularly important because I want to ensure that you do not choose a topic that is too general to write a 5 page research paper, or a topic that is too narrow that you struggle to find information. The challenge is to pick a topic that can be effectively analyzed in 5 pages. Early preparation and the formulation of a thesis statement and outline can not only help you taper the focus of your paper, but organize the specific themes you will discuss in our paper.Next: Strategies to f Previous: Introduction Streamline your Topic 9:: Table of contents

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