using data and sources

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Answer the following question using data and sources. 1. Choose a 2 financial instruments that best fits your short-term/long-term needs (one in the money and one in the capital market). (10 points) 2. For each instrument chosen above; using excel, graph the average yield over time for the past ten years (In addition, you can use any other form of graphical presentation). (25 points) 3. Justify your choice by explaining the following (defend your choice in a scientific fashion). i. Comparing the instrument to similar instruments in the same market. (25 points) ii. Average return per instrument for the past 10 years. (20 points) iii. Expected gain/loss. (20 points)
 1 Your work will be on word document and STAPLED 
2 Type your name on the cover sheet 
3 Clearly number the answers 
4 Do not answer more than one question/page 
5 Explain notions/concepts and symbols 
6 Late work will not be accepted 
7 Plagiarism will not be tolerated 

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