wad combinations

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8 of 9 -. wad combinations (5 Marks): You are required to list the load combinations that would be applicable for the ultimate and service design of the building for walls and columns.
Load distribution (8 Marks): You are required to calculate and discuss/demonstrate how the lateral wind forces (North Direction only) are apportioned between structural elements. Calculate the percentage of load for each element with/without columns contributing to the lateral support. Tabulate the summary of your results (note the core wall is acting as one complete box for resisting lateral loads. Door openings may be ignored for this calculation)
Task 2 (Preliminary DesignI: (50 Marks’
Build Stability/Overturning (5 Marks): Establish, through calculation, if the structure alone (i.e. using solely its self-weight) is able to resist the external forces imparted on it. If not, discuss alternative solutions. Assess for West wind direction only.
Preliminary Column designs design (10 Marks): You are required to define the maximum design load for column C15 and perform a preliminary design (through calculations) of the column under this maximum design load by defining an appropriate concrete strength, reinforcing layout and cover.
Torsion resistance (8 Marks)- For wind from the north direction calculate the torsional design from taking the sum of the moments at the centre axis of the combined stiffnesses of the lift and stair cores. Determine the lateral load attributed to wall W7 and W8 required to resist torsion. Columns and walls W9, W10, W11, W16 and W17 to be ignored for torsional resistance. Assume that Wall 8 is a continuous wall, without an opening for the lift lobby. (Hint: Calculate the percentage of load for each element at one floor, then the amount of load at the base from the total wind pressure for the height of the building).
Wall design (17 Marks): You are required to define the maximum design loads for the lift/stair core and perform preliminary design (through calculations) of walls W1, W2, W4, W5 and W10 to resist these maximum design loads by defining an appropriate concrete strength, reinforcing layout and cover. Your design is to comply with Australian Standards reinforcing requirements. (Note the lift core is to consider combinations of Torsion, Bending and Vertical loads, as appropriate). Columns to be ignored for lateral wind resistance in this part of the assignment. For simplicity, internal walls W3 can be ignored and the core can be analysed on the assumption that it is a monolithic box.
Provide Basic Annotated drawings of your design for: a. Column C15 (Draw using a column schedule) and b. Core wall design (Draw a core wall elevation and section)
Further requirements:
(10 Marks).
Presentation (5%): You are required to present your assignment professionally and logical manner so it can be understood by a third party. You are required to have your thoughts and assumptions clearly articulated, so the document is worthy of being presented to a client. This is to include:
Design report presenting all calculation and including a Table of Contents. 2. All design drawings and sketches are to be bound separately to the calculation report and should to include a drawing transmittal.
Marking Criteria
The frame design will be assessed based on the following criteria:
• Professional appearance (i.e. the information can be easily understood by a third party) of the calculations and sketches. Please note that near hand calculations and hand sketches are sufficient for this requirement. For the calculations, you only need to explain once what you are doing. The remainder of design can be a tabulation of critical design components. • Assignments are to be presented in the order of assignment questions only with no rearrangement of order.

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