WATR7104: Sewer Systems

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WATR7104: Sewer SystemsAssignment#2Written ReportThe report will have two parts as following.1. Literature ReviewFor this assignment, each student has been assigned a publication related to sewer management.Please check the publication assigned to you, review the publication, and prepare a short report.In the report, please include the followings:a) Problem – What problem the publication is trying to address?b) Solution – How the problem is being solved or was solved?c) Relevance – Please describe the importance of the concept described in the publication inrelation to sewer operation and management.2. Problem AnalysisA scenario of a sewer system has been given as a part of this assignment. Students are expected toanalyse the problem and suggest measures to mitigate the identified problems. Please try to bespecific to the problems and their mitigation methods.The page limit for the report is 5 pages A4 size including figures and tables. The cover page doesn’tcount to this.

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