Wave Modelling andCoastal Structure

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Coastal Engineering and Modelling – 6110ENGAssignment 2- Wave Modelling andCoastal StructureTrimester 2, 2021
School of Engineering and Built EnvironmentDue date: 11 PM Wednesday, October 20, 2021, Week 13.Submission Instructions:1. Work individually2. Complete all tasks as instructed with the assignment question sheet3. Submit both the report (as Part 1) and zipped MIKE21 files (as Part 2) electronically to the“Assignment 2 Submission – Due on Wed, October 20, 2021” link on [email protected] –“Assessment”A coastal engineering firm, ABC Coastal Solution, has bid the project to design an impermeable rockgroyne structure at the Coast GC. The construction site is identified in Figure 1, where there is nohistorical wave monitoring data. However, the bathymetry data and the historical wind data in the areaare available. The 50-year Average Return Interval (ARI) design wind in the research domain is listed inTable 1.Figure 1: The map of Coast GC and the construction site.constructionsiteTable 1: 50-Year ARI Design Winds at the Coast GC.
Wind direction
Wind speed (m/s)
Accurate prediction of design waves are essential when determining design data for coastal structures.The safety of structures, as well as the possibility of developing an economic design, relies above allon the reliability and accuracy of the underlying design data. The objectives of this project are:i. Apply DHI MIKE 21 SW model to predict the design wave conditions using the provided designwind conditions.ii. Analyse the predicted wave conditions and determine the design wave parameters. Then use themto design a rubble mound breakwater and estimate (1) the required weight of the armour unit at thehead and (2) the required crest elevation given the following design criteria:• The armour unit material is rough quarry rock with s = 2650 kg/m3• The breakwater is to have two armour unit layers and a slope of 1 in 4• The allowable overtopping discharge is q = 0.0025 m3/s• The design water depth at the structure is htoe = 2.8mData Information• The bathymetry data is in the pre-generated file of “CoastGC_bathy.mesh”.• The domain has Northern, Southern and Eastern open boundaries. “Lateral boundary” appliesto all of them. The coastal structure toe is at (Easting 550000, Northing 6890000) with a waterdepth of 8.80 m.• A MIKE 21 SW model has been developed, calibrated and verified. The following modelparameters need to be applied:o Time: No of time steps 1000, Time step interval: 1800 so Basic equations: Fully spectral formulation and Instationary formulationo Spectral discretization: 25 frequencies and 16 directionso No water level and current variationso Diffraction – no diffractiono Energy transfer – Include quadruplet wave interactiono Wave breaking – Specified gamma, constant, value = 0.8o Bottom friction – D50 sand size is 0.0002 mo White capping – no white cappingo Structure – no structureo Initial condition – default JONSWAP fetch growth expressionYou should work individually and complete the requested tasks:1. Establish a spectral wave model using the provided calibrated model parameters detailed above2. Complete simulations with the design wind conditions and generate required wave outputparameters3. Analyse the wave data including (i) the developed wave height/direction and perioddistributions in the whole domain (ii) the wave characteristics (wave height, wave period, wavedirection) at the construction site4. Determine the critical design wave and present its wave characteristic in a table5. Complete the design using the model predicted design conditions and given structureconditions6. Complete a pro-forma report on the wave modelling and the coastal structure design.

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