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The Andreasen chapters on Daniel’s educational experiences (chapters 5-6) and the disability-specific
reading from NICHY (2010) provide an introduction to issues surrounding the education and support of
individuals with ADHD. As a school nurse, you will be responsible for administering medication and for
supporting health related concerns (e.g., monitoring side effects of ADHD medications). Select one
stimulant medication and one non-stimulant medication that are commonly prescribed to individuals with
ADHD. Create a 1-page informational handout (e.g., a brochure or “one-pager”) that you could provide to
parents. The informational handout should detail the types of nursing services and supports you might
provide to a student with ADHD, the benefits and side-effects of each of the two medications that you
selected, and at least 5 parent- friendly web resources on ADHD and medication. Be sure to provide a
brief summary of each resource that communicates to parents why it is helpful. Websites, videos, and
articles are all acceptable types of web resources

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