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You are serving on a jury for a murder trial. The evidence presented at trial was largely circumstantial and, in your mind, equivocal. During closing, the prosecutor argues that you must find the defendant guilty because he confessed to the crime. The defense attorney immediately objects, and the judge sternly instructs the jury to disregard the prosecutor’s statement. Although you do not know exactly what happened, you suspect that the confession was excluded because of some procedural error. Would you be able to ignore the prosecutor’s statement in your deliberations? Should you? Would you tell the judge if the jury members discussed the statement and seemed to be influenced by it?
Watch VideoEvidence ruled inadmissible in Colton Turner CaseDuration: 2:42User: n/a – Added: 11/5/15
In order to receive full credit, you must post a substantive submission to the question prompt (300 words).

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