What do the white hoods of Ku Klux Clan membersSuggest one key factor that a financial managerWhat is the value of a share of pr…

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safety in numbers
moral panic
social contagion
Question 2.2.TCO 8. Studies of the persuasiveness of mass media messages reveal that complexity has an effect on comprehension. Which one of the following formats is best to convey a complex message? (Points : 10)face-to-face
Question 3.3.TCO 8. There is someone on the television trying to convince you that you need to purchase the latest skin care product they have to sell. The person has beautiful skin and is seen wearing the loveliest clothes that money can buy. They are telling you all about the great social life they have since using this product and its impact on how they interact with people since they are more confident and sure of their appearance. They never discuss how the product works, its important health factors, or any other arguments for the particular use of the particular product. All the screen shots are of this particular celebrity having fun, walking on the beach, and having dinner at a lovely restaurant. What path of persuasion is being employed in this commercial? (Points : 10)peripheral
None of the above
Question 4.4.TCO 8. The City of Crossroads Fire Service has set a height requirement of 5 foot 10 inches for all firefighters. With modern technology and the team work approach used in the fire service, this requirement is not relevant to performance. The requirement generally excludes women, Hispanics, and Asians from joining the service. Such a requirement represents which one of the following combinations of exclusionary practice? (Points : 10)scapegoating and discrimination
sexism and racism
stereotyping and prejudice
stereotyping and discrimination

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