What is Malaysia’s approach

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1.) What is Malaysia’s approach to those that pollute water in their country ? 2.) In the production of one barrel of oil (42 gallons) how many barrels of water are used ? 3.) In what country did Water Privatization start ? 4.) Is there Water Privatization here in the United States ? 5.) What is one of the major issue with Water Desalination ? 6.) What is a S.L.A.P.P. lawsuit and how is it used ? 7.) What impact does a Global Economy have on the local hydrologic cycle ? 8.) What is “Seeding Clouds” and what is it’s impact on the world water crisis ? 9.) What year was the “Last Great Water War” in the U.S. ? 10.)What happened in Bolivia, when the World Bank forced the government to privatize its water ? 11.)Has Rain Water collection been restricted here in the United States ? 12.)Guarani Aquafer is the Worlds Largest fresh water Aquafer and, is located in what country ? 13.)What impact did a 45 year old shoemaker named Oscar Olivera, have on Privatization of water in Bolivia ? 14.)What are some of the methods that where put forward to offset this Water Crisis ?

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