What is Systematic Layout Planning?

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Identify the inputs, transformation process and outputs in the following operations systems:a)   Bankb)   Hospitalc)   Educational institution
Why is it more difficult to increase productivity of a service system as compared to a production of manufacturing system?
The equipment used in intermittent flow shops is less specialized than that used in continuous flow shops. What about the labor? Explain.
Why do you think is managing a high-volume continuous operation is easier than managing a high-variety intermittent operation?
Please explain why the in-process inventory is likely to be higher for an intermittent operation than for a continuous flow operation?
It is generally felt that “rural areas are good for locating large plant, semi-urban areas for locating medium-sized plants, and urban areas for small-scale plants”. Comment.
An equipment supplier has collected the following data on possible plant locations. Costs are in Birr per year.Site PSite QSite RRent and utilitiesBirr 20,000Birr 24,000Birr 30,000Taxes4,0003,0002,000Labour190,000160,000180,000Materials260,000264,000254,000Community serviceGoodPoorAverageCommunity attitudeIndifferentIndifferentFavorableIf you were responsible for making the decision on the basis of the information given above, which site would you select and why?
What are the different factors that should be considered for designing a plant layout?
What is Systematic Layout Planning?
What is the importance of materials handling in designing a layout? How will you go about selecting the materials handling system?
Please would you explain the consideration of ethics in quality control?
Comment on the following:a)   It is important to inspect the inspector.b)   As a quality improvement programme is established, cost of quality increases.
Discuss the differences between supply chain management and E-Business.
Why MRP II is the most preferred over MRP system?
“Inventory management for slow moving expensive items should focus more on lead time reduction than anything else”. Critically examine the statement.
Explain the building blocks of JIT production system?
Why considerations of motivating and incentive schemes are important in designing a job?

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