What Is The Ethics Index?

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GBU200 Business Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility
Assessment requirement:
Course Title: toshiba leading innovation
Course Code: gbu200
Pages/ words : 15 pages
Learning Outcomes:
1.Outline the concept of corporate social responsibility, its development, and the context in which it operates.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of community and stakeholder expectations with regards to corporate social responsibility as well as the role of leaders in promoting an ethical corporate culture.
Define the following terms:
business ethics
ethical relativism
organisational norms
professional codes of conduct.
Asic Speech Good Corporate Culture, Values And Ethics
Review the above speech located under Week 1 in the Moodle and briefly answer the following questions:
How Does ASIC Define Ethical Culture?  How Does This Impact Business Behaviour?
Organisation culture is the et of shared values and assumptions underlying the mindset, it influences people’s attitudes and behaviour.
Ethical culture is the shared perception of good behaviour and ethical situations are handled.
Outline How Values Impact Corporate Behaviour
ASIC suggests values re what you choose to prioritize – decisions about values begin at the top of the organisation and are cascaded down by leadership.
Values are then translated into business practices.
What Is The Ethics Index?
Survey of people’s perceptions of ethical behaviours
Why Do ASIC Consider It Important?
It helps with transparency and accountability two important factors in ensuring ethical conduct.
Qantas Code Of Conduct
Briefly Outline The Company’s Approach To Corporate Culture, Ethics And Good Corporate Behaviour.
Code of conduct and ethical sets out the principal corporate governance policy of the organisation, it applies to all employers.
The basic position is compliance with laws, regulations and ethical standards.  Highest level of ethics and integrity is demanded.
Issues covered include political donations, anti bribery, gifts and entertainment, conflicts of interest and insider trading.
Asx Corporate Governance Principles And Recommendations
Outline The Recommendation That Relates To Ethical Behaviour For Corporations.
Instil a culture of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly: A listed entity should instil and continually reinforce a culture across the organisation of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly.

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