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THE GOLD & DIAMOND WATCHRyan is a 24-year-old salesman with Anderson Office Supplies, an old established wholesaler located in Sydney, having joined the company after completing his degree in Arts and working for 2 years with a local car dealership as a salesman. He lives Mosman with his wife and two young children, both under 2 years of age, and has a rather substantial mortgage.On his first overseas sales trip to the Middle East, Ryan met Abdul, an purchasing officer for a major Middle Eastern Government who was interested in placing a substantial order of computers and state of the art 3D printers worth in excess of $A5milion. Abdul told Ryan that he would place an order for the equipment on the condition that he received a personal gift of a gold Rolex watch with diamond in lays worth about $10,000. He showed, him the watch he wanted in a catalogue and Ryan said he would see what could be done.Upon returning to Sydney, Ryan told Charles, his boss, about the proposition asking if he could go ahead and buy the watch and secure the deal. Charles, a senior manager in his 60s and close to retiring, was outraged and said “Not on your life son…we are a reputable business and not into bribery. If I find out that you have been bribing customers to get orders, I’ll sack you on the spot. I am I clear’?” Ryan was taken aback by Charles outburst.After the confrontation, Ryan left the office and drove to the house of his friend Angus also a former colleague from the car dealership. He told Angus about what had transpired in the Middle East and Charles’ reaction. He asked Angus for advice saying that it was an important order and that Abdul has indicated significant on going orders were a distinct possibility. He also added that frankly he could do with the commission given his mortgage.Angus thought for a moment and then said ” Ryan why don’t you finance the deal yourself? Buy the bloody watch, land the contract and just keep Charles in the dark. He is old fashioned and has no idea how business is done in the Middle East… its part of their culture. Look, its a gift right? He asked for a gift that just helps secure the deal- its not a bribe if it’s a gift, plus you’ll probably establish a strong basis for future orders with this guy Abdul… your Board won’t care, they’re just interested in the bottom line”Ryan left Angus’ home and then drove to his bank. Mr Grey, the bank manager and a close friend of Ryan’s late father, listened to Ryan’s reasons for wanting the loan of $10,000. Despite Ryan already having a sizeable mortgage and a maxed out credit card. Mr Grey agreed to give him a personal loan at the standard interest rate.The next day Ryan went into jewellery store near his office in Pitt Street in Sydney and asked the sales attendant for the specific Rolex requested by Abdul. While he was waiting, Jane, Charles’ secretary happened to come into the store to buy a birthday present for her mother’s 70th birthday. Unobserved by Ryan she watched as the sales person gave the watch to Ryan in exchange for a bank cheque of $10000. She was stunned, knowing a little about Ryan’s financial position and mortgage; she rushed back straight into Charles office and asked, “How can a salesman with a wife and two kids who earns only $75,000 afford a $10,000 Rolex watch?Charles was furious. He rushed out of his office and found Ryan in his office holding the Rolex watch box. “Let me explain…” muttered Ryan “No excuses.. 1 warned you .. You are sacked! “countered Charles.At that moment an email from Abdul hit both his and Charles accounts with the subject line: NO LONGER INTERESTED IN CONTRACT. FOUND ALTERNATIVE SUPPLIER

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