World Civilization

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How and why did the agendas of secular rulers and the papacy clash in the Middle Ages? What factorscombined to undermine European’s faith in religious and political authorities? How did peasant and urbanrevolts reflect this lack of confidence? What role might the Crusades play in contemporary Muslim-Christianrelations? What connections might Muslims or Christians today make between the Crusades and the globalpolicies of Western nations in the twenty and twenty-first centuries? Other Article: country. One of the highlights of the campaign was crowdsourcing, where they encouraged people to create their own ads or memes that would showcase what makes the Philippines “more fun”. Figure 1. It’s more fun in the Philippines official campaign logo. (Department of Tourism, 2012b) At the onset of the campaign, DOT launched three sample memes to set as an example (Figure 2), along with the hashtag #ItsMoreFuninThePhilippines in all online posts relating to the campaign. DOT also launched an application and the guidelines for submission of memes on the website. With an estimated 27 million Facebook users at the time of the launch, the campaign became a viral hit online (Valdez, Tupas, & Carol Tan, 2017). Within 30 minutes of the launch, the hashtag was also trending on Twitter worldwide (Bosangit, 2014). Figure 2. Sample image released by the Department of Tourism (Department of Tourism, 2012b) Then-DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. described the campaign as “grounded on basic, truthful communication between two persons; a campaign for people who haven’t seen the Philippines yet; with a new tourism line that allows the Filipinos to take the line and own it to themselves; and it is not a manufactured line; it is drawn from the way Filipinos have touched the lives of tourists” (Metro Manila Directions in Bosangit, 2014, p.151). A year after the launch of the campaign, foreign… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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