Writing an Opportunity Analysis

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Opportunity Analysis Report Assignment Brief (40%)
Writing an Opportunity Analysis Report will enable you to define your business by critically examining the idea for a new business venture and to check it against your initial perception of the market-place so that you may write your first draft ‘nature of the business’ statement on which market investigations and calculations can be based.
Your report should have a contents page, an executive summary, a reference page and appendices (to include any supporting information).
The word limit is 2000 words excluding a Contents page, Executive Summary, Appendices and a References page.
1. Executive Summary
2. External Environmental Analysis
3. Industry Analysis
4. Key People and Skills
5. Financial Feasibility
6. References and Appendices
NB: One of the strategies to ensure you have included all the points in your report is to copy and paste the expanded version of your Opportunity Analysis Report Template into your document and then include information covering all relevant points. When you completed your analysis and it is ready for submission, please do not forget to delete the expanded version of questions as it will be counted towards your word limit and may be penalised.
Learning Outcomes to be assessed:
The learning outcomes to be addressed through this assignment are:
Knowledge and Understanding
a) Analyse the critical debates about the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the delivery of business innovation.
b) Evaluate the management efficacy of alternative approaches and tools to identifying, selecting and managing emerging opportunities.
Subject Specific skills
e) Provide a comprehensively researched and detailed analysis of emerging opportunities within a specific business sector and show an awareness of the contrasting influences.
Key Skills
g) Collate, organise, critically evaluate and synthesise evidence and information from a variety of sources including: academic articles, business reports and case studies.
h) Solve problems using complex concepts, appropriate tools and arguments leading to creative solutions and innovative business approaches.
i) Engage confidently in academic and professional communication with others, reporting on proposals clearly, autonomously and competently.
Generic Grading Criteria for Level 7
You will find the generic grading criteria for achievement which underpins the specific assessment at the end of this assignment brief. The generic grading criteria also explains the meaning of the various G grades at the bottom of the grading scale.
How you will be marked? 
To gain a good pass for this assignment at this level, students are expected to pay attention to the following:
Structure and clarity of expression
The fundamental features of well-structured work are expected as the norm at this level with students often involved in developing a suitable conceptual framework to evaluate and analyse the issue or question set.  There will be proper attention to the type and style of the assignment – in this case an opportunity analysis report – and the work should remain clearly focused, follow a logical sequence and clear sense of direction even though more complex issues are addressed.

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