You are a new network engineer at Melbourne Institute

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You are a new network engineer at Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. Melbourne
Institute of Technology has two campuses in different ends of city with same structure. Your
institute wishes to install a network throughout their lecture theatres, Labs, faculty area,
administration Office, and student service areas of both campuses. The institute is becoming aware
that the students require Internet access on their laptops and mobile phones during the lectures so
the need a wireless connectivity as well.
The institute has its administrative office in the adjacent building with a line of sight view over the
windows (open windows). Overall, the staff members are moving continuously, and they need full
connectivity and accessibility to the Internet and Data Services.
The network should be divided in a way that traffic for each domain (student, faculty,
administration) should be visible within the domain.
Your operational director asks you to report on the best network design that can be used to serve
the students during their lectures as well as to support the staff to be connected to the Internet
and the data server.
The operational director is aware of the security concerns; therefore, requests you to include
security related issues (Login details, Password) for each Login.
Write a report based on the above network requirements, use the following structure to
organise your report; and demonstrate switch and router configuration in week 11 laboratory
Report Contents
• Project Scope and Goals
• Project requirements (Hardware & Software)
• Detailed Network Design in Packet Tracer which includes
– All switches
– All routers
– VLAN(Virtual LAN)

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